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Photo of emaleigh


My name is Emaleigh and I’m a (pretty new!) Registered Nurse in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I believe that nursing is a wonderful career that we (as healthcare providers) should be incredibly proud to be a part of.


Getting down to business – I currently work in a private practice fertility clinic. I work in roles such as surgical sedation, cycle monitoring, scrub nurse and post-op recovery nurse. It’s always exciting and I’m always learning in this setting.


I just recently came from a surgical unit focusing on gynaecology, urology and plastics at a 3rd tier acute care facility. I have been lucky enough to work in very diverse settings where I have gotten to see many different patients, such as orthopaedics, obstetrics, medicine, general surgery, labour and delivery, neurosurgery, etc.


I am currently in the process of becoming an IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) and my long term goal is to own my own Lactation Consultant business.


On my days off, you can find me nuzzled up in bed watching FRIENDS for the millionth time through, embarking on new adventures, spending (much needed) time with friends and of course, sipping on a coffee.


My hope is for my blog to be a positive space where I can share my experiences with other healthcare providers who may be starting out in their careers, or with others who may just want a space to compare experiences and vent a little! I hope I pique your interest and help you to feel inspired, encouraged and ready for what’s to come in the crazy world of nursing.



@justagirlynurse, xx